Tile and Stone Showers

Tile or Stone Shower Construction in Draper UtahHave you ever stayed in a 5 star resort or a really fancy hotel? If so, then you’ve probably already experienced showering in a beautifully constructed tile or stone shower. You’ll probably agree then, that a staple in any luxurious bathroom remodel is going to be the addition of a new tile or stone shower.

Both tile and stone generally come in neutral colors and earthy tones that will work perfectly with any existing bathroom decorating scheme so they are an excellent for any bathroom large enough to accommodate one (we can make more space if you need it).

Tile and Stone Shower Builder in Draper, Utah

The appearance of your new shower will give your bathroom a very natural look and will excude an upscale ambience that will really set your bathroom on the same level as those you’d see in a fancy remodeling magazine or a well known T.V. special about home remodeling.

Bigler Construction specializes in designing and building custom tile and/or stone showers into Draper, Utah homes. We can go through the entire process with you from the initial planning phases to actually designing what the shower will look like, the tile or stone we’ll be using right down to the shower controls and shower head, or shower heads if you really want an awesome showering experience!

Tile and Stone Shower Ideas

Barrier Free Showers – For those who want easy access in and out of their shower a barrier free shower is the way to go. Tile and stone are the perfect materials to build a barrier free shower with because they are durable and withstand moisture exceptionally well. Tiles are easy to clean and if care for will look fantastic for many years. We can build you a beautiful tiled barrier free shower within your home.

Glass Shower Enclosure – If you’re after the ultimate luxury look then consider having us enclose your new tile or stone shower with a glass enclosure. Glass much like tile or stone can work with any existing color or decorating scheme. One of the downsides to glass is that soap scum and water stains can create a tough cleaning job… This is true. But once the glass is cleaned it’s going to look fantastic again for several months. We can even order custom glass enclosures etched with special designs and the options can go on. If you want an extravagant glass shower enclosure, we can do it!

Multiple Shower Heads – Yeah, it’s totally real. Most of us have lived our entire lives never knowing what it felt like to have the truly “perfect” shower. Until you’ve tried a shower with multiple shower heads that is. With the shower controls and technology today it’s easy to get the perfect shower with a mixture of the right temperature and just the right amount of pressure with every shower. We can help you install the latest showering technology with your tile or stone shower.

Borders, Pebble in-lays, Shelves, Benches & Built in Niches – These are usually only found in the tile or stone showers built by craftsman because they take a great deal of knowledge and skill to pull off. Bigler Construction takes pride in the meticulous tile work that we do. We can seamlessly integrate any of these options into your custom tile shower without the typical mistakes you’d see in a lesser experienced contractors work.

Do you have an idea for the shower you’d love to see in your home? Have you seen a beautiful shower in a magazine, or want to replicate that spa like experience you had on your last vacation? Tell us about it!

Why Choose Bigler Construction For Your Custom Tile or Stone Shower?

Bigler Construction Team

The Bigler Team

When you choose to work with Bigler Construction for your tile or stone shower remodel project in Draper, UT you are partnering with a small, family owned, local company. We take great pride in the quality of our finished work and you can see this for yourself by viewing our portfolio.

We’ll treat your home as if we were working on our own. We work safely and we keep a clean worksite as to inconvenience you and your family as little as possible while we transform your shower into a beautiful new space for you and your family to enjoy.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to remodel or renovate your shower please give us a call 801-619-1972 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be getting right back to you.